Cabinets for Less: Affordable Cabinet Quality?

Are your kitchen cabinets early-marriage? Is your bathroom boring bland? Sounds like your home could use a facelift! At Cabinets for Less, you’ll find exciting ways to dress-up your home like Sunday morning!

Cabinets For Less

Cabinets For Less

Cabinets are elegant and decorative as well as provide practical places to put your stuff, so that they must be both attractive and durable. Only wood can fulfill this tall order! Reclaimed wood is eco-friendly. Richer woods are oak, rosewood, cherry or mahogany.

Cabinets for Less provides quality all-wood products comparable to those in home centers, except we offer budget-friendly prices.

What is your Kitchen Vision?

Kitchens have become highly personal, but practical due to today’s downward spiraling economic environment. It’s smart to choose neutral finishes for cabinets and counter tops that will stay in style, rather than leaning toward trendy décor. Check out these pictures of kitchen cabinets.

With the entire country high on nature appreciation, the country style kitchen is both popular and classic.  Sleek, simple styles are also gaining in popularity as they bespeak the minimalistic look.

If you have collections like teapots or antique china, consider having several glass doors fitted in your new cabinets.  Is there an empty corner in your kitchen that calls out for a corner cabinet?

A large part of re-visioning your kitchen is of course convenience.  Talk to one of the designers about your current challenges with cabinet access and lack of storage. They will “build” your dream kitchen electronically, using sophisticated 20-20 Design software. Let them help you find that sweet spot to accommodate your signature style and bank account!

Re-imagining your Bathroom

Unless you’re ready for serious reconstruction, you must work with the size bathroom you have. Measure your available space. Then look around and decide where you would place a great vanity. What do you need from your new bathroom cabinets, such as drawer guides, display shelving or glass inlays? What kind of door style would fit your personality best? As for hardware, you’ll want to choose quality handles, knobs, pulls or hinges.

Let the specialists at Cabinets for Less help you make an informed decision prior to the point of purchase.

Re-Claiming your Garage

Many times garages are the most neglected area of our homes. We tend to put things there that we probably don’t need but can’t make ourselves get rid of – boxes without lids, lids without boxes, holiday decorations, cast-off clothing – and there’s lawnmowers, gardening tools and so on.

If your car must suffer the elements because there is no room in the garage, consider cabinets and other organizing tools.

Cabinets for Less is excited to announce their latest line of flexible garage modules, cabinets mounted above the floor and dove-tail joinery to hold heavy items.

What Can Cabinets for Less do for you?

They guarantee to beat home center prices for all wood cabinets.

They carry a big variety of kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and garage modules.

They provide free measurements.

They offer fast delivery.

They use cutting-edge technology for designing unique cabinets.

They employ a professional, courteous staff whose combined experience totals 25 years in cabinetry.They give optimal customer service.

We invite you to visit their website at: all your cabinet needs. Or, just pop-in their showroom located at 717 North Florida Avenue, Lakeland, FL 33801.