Cabinets Direct USA Are They Your Best Deal?

Cabinets Direct USA

Cabinets Direct USA

Cabinets Direct USA is considered to be one of the absolute largest cabinet specialty companies on the East Coast of the United States. The company has experienced a considerable amount of growth in recent years due to the fact that it offers numerous name brand cabinet lines and is respected by consumers for their high-quality, low-priced cabinet options for the home. Popular lines offered by Cabinets Direct USA include, but are not limited to: “Choice”, “Decora”, “Sunco”, “Wellborn Forest” and “Wolf Classic”.

In addition to offering a wide array of cabinet options, the company also offers a large assortment of exquisitely-designed, highly durable and highly appealing countertops. Popular countertop brands offered include: “Wilsonart”, “Zodiac”, “Granite” and “Cambria”. Due to the enhanced size of the company and its commitment to customer service, Cabinets Direct USA is considered to be one of the most highly respected and budget-friendly providers of high-quality cabinets, countertops and professional service in the United States.

Throughout this guide, you will learn why this company is considered to be the best deal, and your best option for quality merchandise to enhance the beauty and comfort of your home.

Basic History

In order to determine if you will be receiving the best deals and the highest-quality products it is essential that you acquire an understanding of the company’s basic history. This business was originally founded in the year of 1935 by a man named Moe Zimmerman. The family business originally consisted of Mr. Zimmerman traveling throughout the Eastern region of New York, purchasing numerous supplies along the way that assisted in the maintenance of the apartment buildings of the region. He would then travel to each complex and sell these supplies.

Zimmerman and the members of his family focused on ensuring customer satisfaction from the earliest days of operation, and that basic philosophy continues today. As time progressed, new products came into the family business and a warehouse was eventually purchased in New Jersey, the company gained an immense amount of popularity. Eventually, over forty individual appliance stores were opened under the family name.

Later, the company became two. The appliance stores that made of the chain originally opened by the Zimmerman family were sold in 1988. By this time, Zimmerman’s son-in-laws were in on the business. Once the chain was sold, it was Zimmerman’s grandson, named David Lubetkin, who elected to integrate kitchen cabinets into the family business. Immediately, these products gained popularity among the apartment complexes that often purchased from the company.

It was then established that the business would focus on this particular product. Since the induction of cabinets and the choice to focus solely on these products, the company changed its name and is now considered to be one of the most popular and inexpensive options in cabinets. Furthermore, counter top products have since been introduced into the company. Seventy-five years later, Cabinets Direct USA is considered one of the top retailers of home improvement products.

Name Brands

Cabinets Direct USA is backed by a high level of popularity among consumers. As a result, many name brand retailers and manufacturers sell their products to the company at a highly discounted rate. These retailers and manufacturers know and understand that Cabinets Direct USA deals in such a large volume of business that they will make a profit – regardless of the price that they offer their products for. Due to the fact that they have the capability of purchasing cabinets, counter tops and even beautifully designed knobs at below-wholesale prices, they are able to offer their customers the highest-quality, name brand products at the lowest prices available in the home improvement industry. Based on this fact alone, you are sure to receive the best deals by conducting business with them. It does not matter if you are purchasing for your home, your apartment complex, or another type of structure, you can rest assured that you will be sold the best products, at the most competitive prices on the market.

Free Services

In addition to being able to provide their merchandise at exceptionally low prices, they also offer a wide array of services at absolutely no charge. These services are referred to as a “Design Appointment”. The company knows and understands that their customers live exceptionally busy lives; therefore, they offer these appointments every single day of the week. The professionals that conduct the free service appointment will determine your personal preferences, will obtain measurements of the location where their products are to be installed, will connect you with professional designers, and will finalize the design process with both you and the specially-trained designer that will be conducting the work – all free of charge.

By shopping with with them, you are getting more than name brand counter tops, cabinets and knobs; you are also receiving personalized design services that are based on your personal preferences. Does Cabinets Direct USA offer the absolute best deals to their customers? The answer is quite simply, a solid “Yes”. Not only will you receive the best deals, but the highest level of professional customer service in the industry. For more information on Cabinets Direct USA “Cabinets Direct USA” click here.